Your liver loves BEETS, do you? (and Beet Puree Recipe)

Beets are an amazing source of bile cleansing, circulation boosting power for you and your liver.

Yay beets! ❤️💜❤️

Check out this article on the Benefits of Beets ➤ to thin and cleanse congested bile (pitta), harmonize blood pressure and circulation, boost your brain power, and balance blood sugar.

How to Incorporate Beets into Your Liver-Loving Diet?

  • Beets and their cleansing, clearing power are a foundation of our specially formulated Liver Cleansing Juicing Recipe ➤
  • Try these fun Heart Beet Chips ➤ with our Fresh Herb and Ginger Yogurt Dressing ➤. Yummm!
  • And we're sharing our favourite Beet Puree recipe ⬇︎ to help you get a good dose of beet-tacular goodness into your daily diet. Use this rich and earthy flavoured Beet Puree on sandwiches, with crackers, in a wrap or mixed with yogurt as a dressing.
  • And of course, roasted beets are a lovely additional to most any meal. Easy and practical applications are only limited by your creativity!

Enjoy beets....

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