Learn simple and easy dietary strategies to strengthen your 7 vital tissues (dhatus) and build optimal health!

Ayurvedic Immunity!

Kim Fulton ➤ shares the alchemical process of optimal tissue nutrition and the super-foods ideal to build strong bodily tissues (plasma, blood, muscle, fat, bone, nerve and reproductive tissue).

In this VIDEO WORKSHOP you'll learn easy and effective ways to optimize your nutrition and immunity!

  • Enjoy a comprehensive exploration of the ideal foods to nourish and strengthen each of the 7 vital tissues of the body (dhatus).
  • Discuss an overview of the dhatus (tissues) and their relationship with immunity.
  • Learn how the strength (or weakness) of each dhatu intimately affects the quality of your other tissues


  • An amazing reference guide of ideal super-foods to nourish your main vital tissues
  • Ongoing access to all workshop materials, video and audio!
Support your bodily tissues in an easy and effective way!